mc hammer*MC Hammer isn’t letting a recent decision by the court for him to pay $800,000 to the IRS get the best of him.

The ruling stems from a longstanding legal battle the rapper has been having with the IRS regarding his bankruptcy case back in the day. Hammer claimed that he owed more than the million dollars that was to be paid to creditors.

With that, the IRS didn’t get their cut of that money and is seeking what they feel Hammer owes them, which went to other creditors. Hammer stated that if the IRS said something about the money he owed, it would’ve went to them before creditors he owed because the government is a priority creditor in bankruptcy cases, according to Bossip.

Hammer said that, “To come back after the fact and assert claims after millions of dollars have been paid out by creditors from which these claims have been paid in full, is the misconduct the USA committed,” Hammer said.

With that, Hammer pleaded with the appeals court to overturn the order to have him pay $800,000 to the IRS over the decades old tax debt.

On Dec. 17, the appeals court decided in favor of the government, stating the IRS did not commit misconduct in their actions. In addition, the court mentioned that Hammer failed to provide any evidence that the IRS did anything wrong in his bankruptcy.

Adding to all of this is the courting determining that having Hammer pay more than $800 in tax debt will not be a serious injustice to him.

Despite losing his legal battle, Hammer remained positive as he weighed in on what happened in the following tweets, one of which was posted in response to a fan:

That devil is working overtime to fill your holidays with negative images, negative narratives,Fear & Negative energy. Get behind us satan???????? — MC HAMMER (@MCHammer) December 22, 2015

@savvyfatty Let the lawyers do their thing. It’ll be settled. No crying in the big leagues. Play Ball. ???????? — MC HAMMER (@MCHammer) December 23, 2015