steve harvey & miss colombia

*OK Steve Harvey, we hope you’re ready to deal with Miss Colombia and her BS ’cause it looks like she’s comin’ for you.

Home girl is suggesting the Miss Universe pageant was rigged to crown her and then emotionally destroy her by taking the crown.

Arianda Guitierrez has broken her silence with a bang, addressing the speculation that Steve Harvey’s gaffe was intentional to create some heat and boost ratings for the pageant. She says, “If that was the goal, they succeeded.”

According to TMZ, Miss Colombia also thinks the antics were a slap in the face to her heritage:

“It was very humiliating for me, but also for the whole country and for all the people not only from Colombia but the other Latinos that were in the auditorium.”

Her racialized comment shouldn’t come as a surprise as there was racial tension between the Latina contestants and Miss Philippines, according to Miss Universe insiders.

Regarding TMZ’s story that that Vivid Entertainment offered her a million bucks to do porn. Guitierrez says no way, adding, “my parents would kill me.”