POSTER, where is my daughter

*Well damn.

If homie is looking to not get the side-eye from the family of Tamala Wells; who has been missing since August 6, 2012, maybe he should stop referring to the woman as “one less headache.”

Huffington Post spoke with Rickey Tennant, the father of Wells’ 9-year-old daughter (who he also calls “a headache”) and ex-boyfriend of Tamala Wells.  Tennant was at one time looked upon as ‘suspect’ in the woman’s disappearance; and even had his daughter – who he is named legal guardian for – removed from his home after accusations of abuse and sexual impropriety surfaced. But the girl was later returned to the home when no evidence proved the allegations.

According to Tennant, Wells was last seen passing him and their daughter up on the street as he walked her home from a play-date. He said she was driving his white Pontiac.

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