true life (cousins)

*MTV’s “True Life” continues to provide interesting real-life stories on young people for viewers as it takes a look at two women who decide pursue romantic relationships and become pregnant by their cousins in its latest episode.

Featured in the episode, titled “I Had My Cousin’s Baby,” Alexis is six months pregnant with her cousin Andrew’s baby. In addition to prepping for the birth of their baby, Alexis is trying to gather bail for Andrew through her family. As she petitions for help from family members, Alexis feels hopeless because her family can’t ignore her romantic relationship with Andrew.

The other woman featured on “I Had My Cousin’s Baby” is named Grace. Grace is starting a new chapter in her life with her decision to move across the country to Los Angeles with her husband/cousin Dylan and their two children.

The couple hopes their marriage and family, which has severely fractured their other family relations, will be accepted in the West.

To see what happens with Alexis and Grace, check out the new episode of “True Life,” which is set to air Thursday (Dec. 31) on MTV.