Lakeisha Holloway

Lakeisha Holloway

*The 24-year-old woman accused of driving her car on a sidewalk and through a crowd on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday, killing one and injuring more than 30 others, has been charged with murder.

Lakeisha Holloway, reportedly from Oregon, is in custody and will be charged with one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon, the district attorney’s office said. She may face additional charges including multiple counts of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon, child abuse and neglect and leaving the scene of an accident.

Officials say they have ruled out terrorism as a possible motive. However, they do believe the incident was “an intentional act,” based upon the car’s movements. The suspect went up on the sidewalk “two, maybe three times,” according to police.

The sheriff said she was very stoic and didn’t appear to be “distressed” from her actions.

“The video [of the incident] obviously shows intention,” the sheriff said today.

Holloway had been in Las Vegas for about a week and living in a car, officials said today. She said it was her car, but the car was registered to another person in Oregon, officials said.

Holloway could be in court as early as Tuesday, the district attorney’s office said. The investigation is ongoing, the sheriff said.