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*”Shona-English Name Dictionary” by Eliah Chakanetsa Kapezi, as the title suggests, is a compilation of Shona names with their meanings translated into English.

Only those names easily translatable into English have been included with the idea of helping those who wish to give their children Shona names the opportunity to choose the right ones in terms of appeal and meaning.

Shona names in most cases besides the meaning also suggest reasons and circumstances for the choice of name which makes them appropriate and precise. Shona is the main indigenous language widely spoken in Zimbabwe.

This piece of work has been put together to assist people worldwide especially those with African ancestry to embrace their identity with pride. A perfect and essential gift in every household.

About the Author:
Eliah Chakanetsa Kapezi is a Chartered Engineer who went to college in the United Kingdom where he studied Mechanical Engineering majoring in Design and Production. His technical background gave him skills and a passion to find solutions to problems. During his stay in the United Kingdom and on travels around the world he came across a lot of people with African heritage in the diaspora who had lost touch with the motherland but had the desire to maintain their heritage through giving their offspring African names.

The desire of the people he met during his travels to learn and maintain their heritage inspired him to write this book and also made him look at the world through non-technical lenses. Although the area covered is a small part of southern Africa in terms of language the author believes that all those of African descent in the diaspora will have an array of names to choose from.

About the Book:
Shona-English Name Dictionary
By Eliah Chakanetsa Kapezi
Published by Xlibris
ISBN13 Softcover: 978-1-4931-0949-4
ISBN eBook: 978-1-4931-0950-0

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