meek & nicki2

*Any confirmation of Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj jumping the broom remains a question as she took the stand on behalf of her boyfriend .

TMZ reports that Minaj practiced her right to remain silent in regards to marrying Meek, the Maybach Music Group rhymesayer’s lawyer told the judge in that his client seriously wants to marry Minaj. Nevertheless, the Young Money rap star did admit that she is romantically involved in a relationship with Mill.

Minaj’s testimony comes as Mill faces a return to prison for violating his probation by failing to obtain permission to leave Philadelphia to attend the American Music Awards last month with Minaj. With Mill on probation for gun and drug charges, permission is required for him, TMZ notes.

During her time on the stand, Minaj went on to state that she would like to have a private conversation with Mill and the judge in the case in an effort to prove that he is a changed man. In Minaj’s eyes, she feels the judge would be impressed with the charity work Mill has done as well as his current mind state.

While she stated that Mill is a bit of a nimrod regarding trips to schedule, Minaj mentioned that there wouldn’t be any more problems if she were the one in charge of Mill’s calendar. TMZ notes that Mill is currently Minaj’s opening act for her tour.

Despite Minaj’s testimony, it looks like the judge wasn’t buying it as she voiced her thoughts out loud, saying that she felt like Mill was thumbing his nose at Minaj.

As it stands now, Mill’s case will continue next week.

To see Minaj and Mill arrive for the hearing, check out the video below: