terrence-davidson-speaks-out-splits-from-nicki-minaj-the-jasmine-brand-595x595*Nicki Minaj isn’t pleased with her ex-wig maker Terrence Davidson trying to get $30 million out of her even though they never had a written contract for his work, according to theJasmineBRAND.com.

Davidson claims Minaj cheated him out of millions after his wigs helped make her into a star. He believes she sold his wig designs and made them public.

Also, he claimed she promised they would do a reality show together, which never happened.  The deal was allegedly worth millions.

But Minaj responded to the lawsuit claiming he is just upset he lost his most famous client. He couldn’t trademark the wig style. Therefore, she did nothing wrong with selling the wigs.

The judge threw the lawsuit out siding with Minaj. Davidson didn’t have any written contracts with her. Therefore, he had no case. But Davidson refused to give up. He filed an appeal to overturn the judges decision.

Minaj filed documents in the appeal. If he was to win the appeal this would set a dangerous standard that if someone was hire as a hairstylist that automatically makes them business partners with the client.

View the court documents here.