lamar obama

*One thing we know about Donald Trump is that he ain’t cool.

One thing we know about President Barack Obama is that he is waaaaay cool. He’s the essence of cool.

We think that’s part of what drives Trump ca-ra-zay. Don’t get us wrong, we know full well that Trump’s insanity can’t be fully blamed on his jealousy and resentment of Barack Obama’s coolness.

Anywho, speaking of the cool one, here’s another example: In an interview with People Magazine published today (12-09-15), the president said his favorite song of 2015 was Kendrick Lamar‘s “How Much A Dollar Cost.” Yes, you read that right, Kendrick Lamar’s “How Much A Dollar Cost.”

Yeah, so how motha effin cool is that?!

By the way, it was just last week (12-07-15) that we reported that Lamar was nominated for 11 Grammys, including Album of the Year for 2015’s “To Pimp A Butterfly,” which includes the prez’s favorite track.

Black Voices point out that it’s no secret that Obama’s a long time hip hop head, so while his choice isn’t necessarily surprising, “it’s certainly bold, since hip-hop music — especially rap — is frequently subversive and critical of government, and hasn’t been celebrated by many presidents. Several rap songs have even scathingly criticized presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.”

But what is kind of surprising and confusing to us is the fact that of all people, given his hard core conservative leaning, Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio is also a hard core hip hopper. We’re still scratching our head trying to figure that one out.

OK, so while POTUS went for an unlikely choice that shows he’s a serious rap fan, FLOTUS (Michelle Obama) picked the ubiquitous tune “Uptown Funk” as her favorite song of 2015.