Empire News outfit from HBA

Empire News outfit from HBA

*For that “Empire” fan in your life going through withdrawal – rocking back and forth with the shakes, unable to wait for its return on March 30 – there are two online stores selling official “Empire” apparel, billing themselves as perhaps a last minute gift idea for fanatics of the show:

“Just in time for the holidays, “Empire”-inspired goodies are available at the show’s official online store (http://EmpireFoxShop.com), with pieces from their collaboration with hot fashion label HOOD BY AIR still accessible at www.hoodbyair.com/empire.

Prices at EmpireFoxShop start at $9.95 and include pattern jersey dresses, varsity jackets and casual vests as well as soon to be rolled-out home goods.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 5.37.49 PM

Items at Hoodbyair.com [HBA] range from $15-$300 and include everything from champagne glasses and keychains to newsprint sweatshirts, dresses, shorts and tops featuring popular images and quotes from the show.

The label, from Queens-based designer Shayne Oliver, was granted permission to make the very first pieces of branded Empire merchandise, according to Vogue.

A lot of HBA’s items were inspired by Cookie Lyon. For example, the champagne flute may or may not be used for throwing bubbly in a hater’s face, like Cookie would do.

empire flute

Also for sale, a backpack inspired by the pillow Cookie used in her attempt to suffocate Lucious.

cookie's suffocation pillow

Below, Taraji P. Henson says her approach to playing Cookie every week is often inspired by the outfits worn by the character: