Dasha Polanco on HuffPost Live (Dec. 14, 2015)

Dasha Polanco on HuffPost Live (Dec. 14, 2015)

*Dascha Polanco, the “Orange Is the New Black” actress facing assault charges, said in an interview with HuffPost Live she is not worried about her case.

She was on the program to discuss her role as Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend in the film “Joy” but a fan Skyped in and asked the actress if she thought her case would affect her work.

“No,” Polanco said, before pausing to take a sip of coffee – in the style of the “sipping tea” meme. “Listen, I lost the biggest thing in my life, my mother. Nobody’s gonna knock me down.”

“People that know me and know my quality, my professionalism, who I am […] They’re not worried. And neither am I,” she said.

As previously reported, Polanco is accused of assaulting a 17-year-old at her home over the summer. Polanco’s attorney, Gerald Lefcourt, says the alleged assault is a setup to extort money.

Polanco faces up to a year in a real prison if convicted.

Watch her comments about the case below: