White House Tour cropped

*Its good to know there are organizations out there ready and willing to introduce our children to the political landscape; to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to Dr. King’s Memorial, the Pentagon and more.

These are things they should ideally learn about when they are young. They will have plenty of time to get all wrapped up in the complexities of politics and all that comes with it. But why not start them out early? Why not let them see where the President, First Lady and their beautiful daughters call home? Why not allow them to peek into the rooms where Bills are introduced and possibly signed into Law one day?

Parents may be in luck thanks to On A Mission, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that doesn’t stop at teaching our African American children how to become successful in their respective fields; but takes it a step further and teaches them how to empower their communities and uplift those around them.

On A Mission wants to hear from parents who are interested in sending their kids on the field trip of a lifetime. The 5th Annual Washington D. C. White House and College Tour takes place April 27-30, 2016. And while mature kids ages 13-17 are welcomed, OAM will also consider your 11 & 12 year olds.

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