glory-johnson-and-brittney-griner*Looks like Brittney Griner will have to remain married on paper to Glory Johnson for a little longer as a paternity dispute puts a hold on the estranged couple’s divorce.

Bossip reports that Griner is claiming in the divorce petition that she had been coerced into being pregnant. In October, Griner gave birth prematurely to twin girls.

As a result, Johnson’s attorneys will be required to hand over medical records from the fertility clinic.

As it stands now, the court will determine how the case will proceed regarding the paternity issue, in addition to determining whether or not the case should go to trial.

A judge is set to hear the case next month.

News of the paternity dispute is the latest development regarding Johnson and Griner. The couple got married in May 2015, just days after they were involved in a domestic violence incident that resulted in them being arrested. Despite filing for an annulment in June, Griner’s request was denied.

Prior to news surfacing about Griner’s annulment filing, Johnson announced her pregnancy. The pair’s children are in a hospital in Tennessee as Griner seeks to evade parental responsibility under claims that while she participated in the initial stages IVF process, she was not made aware when the embryos were transferred to Johnson’s uterus.