apollo-nida-and-peter thomas*The friendship between Peter Thomas and Apollo Nida has apparently come to an end. And Thomas has no idea why.

According to TMZ, Thomas was on Nida’s mind he called him a “fake friend” on Instagram last Monday. Considering Nida hasn’t been quiet since he started his eight-year sentence for fraud a year ago.

As for the cause of the beef, TMZ got word from sources close to Nida that he got upset when he heard that Thomas was bad mouthing him, saying Nida deserved to be in prison for stealing and money laundering. As a result, Nida feels betrayed by Thomas and is harboring a lot of anger in light of not hearing from Thomas since he got locked up.

For Thomas, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star mentioned to TMZ that his number hasn’t changed and doesn’t know why Nida would put their situation on blast on social media instead of calling him from behind bars.

Thomas goes on to mention that he has friends in prison, where there’s a particular drill regarding contact with the outside world. The drill is the prisoners call you because you can’t call them.

Nevertheless, although Thomas could’ve taken time out to write a letter to Nida, he stated that he’s not much of a letter writer.

Summing up his response to Nida labeling him a “fake friend,” Thomas told TMZ , “If I am a fake friend because I don’t write a letter, then I’m a fake friend.”