apollo-nida, peter-thomas*Apollo Nida doesn’t have much to do behind bars but ensure money is kept on his books, and protecting his sweet, high yella behind is from being violated.

No doubt he’s also conjuring up ways to profit off his prison stint once he’s released, and one way to ensure that happens is by keeping his name in the media.

Nida apparently has access to a computer inside federal prison because he took to social media to express his frustration that his ‘”friend” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Peter Thomas hasn’t visited him in the year he’s been locked up. In an emotional Instagram post, Nida wrote: “CRAZY WORLD RIGHT!! I GUESS IT’s TRUE THAT IN TIME ONE WILL SEE WHOM THEIR FAKE FRIENDS REALLY ARE!!”

Thomas saw the post and was quick to respond: “Wow!! Fake friend, never that, my number hasn’t change. Still holding it down for everyone I love, including you my brother @apollonida03.”

Nida’s management intervened, taking over his Instagram account to clarify his previous remarks: “Over all Apollo said he respects Peter’s drive & business sense, but over all Apollo states he is just a little hurt because it’s been well over a year and he hasn’t heard from Peter Thomas and Apollo thought they were boys and Peter had his back and would stay down. #nolovelost! Apollo just showing his emotional side as a friend should.”

They continued, “Apollo said the relationship was never fake on his part so what’s the issue with allowing everyone to know how he feels. Apollo says his & Peter Thomas’s friendship started with you all watching, so Apollo doesn’t mind letting you all know how he feels. NOW GO AND SUPPORT SPORTS ONE BAR & LOUNGE.”

As previously reported, Nida pleaded guilty last May to charges in a fraud scheme that federal prosecutors say stole millions of dollars from at least 50 people over four years. He was sentenced to eight years in federal prison and must serve five years under parole supervision after he his release.