dog mouth taped

*When it comes to animals and abuse, especially if its posted on social media, not even a fake name will keep the abuser safe. If you’ve been a regular reader of EURThisNthat, you may recall I love animals and write articles about them often. And as a writer with deadlines, I often go from one story to the next.

First let me confirm that I am SO HAPPY that floods of calls came in from all over the country as the horrid post of this beautiful dog whose mouth was taped shut with masking tape was shared on Facebook; and as a result, things were put in motion for an investigation to ensue and this awful and heartless human to be found and charged in North Carolina.

But at the same time, I just finished writing an article about the killing of black teen, Martinez Smith-Payne. And in that case, the man who shot and killed him was released and the authorities refused to press charges. It’s as if they have to be convinced they should.

How do you reconcile something like that? The life of a dog is more important than the life of a human being?

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