plies & kirk franklin

*Dost Plies tempt Kirk Franklin?

From an Instagram exchange between the two, the answer could be yes as the rapper challenged the gospel star to go to a strip club with him, according to The Christian Post. If Franklin takes Plies up on his offer, the “Shawty” entertainer stated that he would return the favor by going to church with Franklin.

“Y’all tell Kirk Franklin I say I wanna take him to King Of Diamonds with me. He can go in, he ain’t even gotta get no dancers, he can go in there and turn right around … and go take him a little holy bath and he gonna be back holy,” Plies said in a video posted to his Instagram page. “Kirk, listen, you go to King Of Diamonds with me and I come to church with you, an even swap.”

Soon after receiving the challenge, Franklin issued his response while referencing the title of his latest album “Losing My Religion,” which was released earlier this month.

“Y’all tell @plies that the album is called ‘Losing My Religion’ not ‘Lost My Religion,’” Franklin wrote as he countered Plies with a modified challenge.

“Next time I’m in Miami, you gotta come to a Baptist church with me, and sit through a three-hour church service with tambourines and a church cookout,” Franklin said. “And then, I may walk by the club. I may walk on the parking lot and just walk on the curb of the club.”

Continuing the back and forth, Plies chimed in with posting Franklin’s video along with the following question:

“So Y’all Think We Should Believe @KirkFranklin ??? Or Y’all Think He Tryin 2 Pull The Wool Over My Eyes Bih? [sic].”

It’s unclear if Plies accepted Franklin’s offer. The Post referenced Vibe, which hinted that the interaction between the entertainers stemmed from past jokes about how the Plies and Franklin apparently resemble one another.

To see the Instagram exchange between Plies and Franklin, check out the videos and weigh in below on the challenge and whether or not Plies and Franklin do look alike or not:

Plies’ challenge to Franklin:

Franklin’s response:

Y’all tell @plies that the album is called “Losing My Religion” not “Lost My Religion” #SeeYouInChurch! A video posted by Kirk Franklin (@kirkfranklin) on