Raven Symone

*NY Daily News reports that Raven-Symone asked for freebies for her birthday, and she wouldn’t be the first celebrity to lend their image to a brand in exchange for cash and various expensive gifts. Companies want the opportunity to shower celebs with their products, it’s the perfect marriage.

An email obtained by [email protected] shows Raven’s camp asked brands to take part in her 30th birthday party. The email reads:

“We are producing gift bags for Raven-Symone’s upcoming birthday party in December. This intimate gathering will be held in Los Angeles, where Raven’s close friends and family will come out to celebrate. We’re providing social media thank you’s across Raven’s social accounts (reaching a combined 6M+ following) and a photo of Raven in front of the gift bag display table with all items.”

“It’s the new gifting suite,” one source tells us. “They’re going for brands to pay money to be in front of her fans. They’ve put together her social media numbers and they’re paying for the opportunity to get a photo and social media from Raven, who will get a large percentage. Each brand will pay about $1500.”

Raven’s birthday was December 10; she reportedly celebrated with family and close friends in Los Angeles.

“The brands (were) integrated into the party,” a source says. “So they get a picture of her with their product and on her Instagram and Twitter and Raven makes money off her own party.”

In related news, despite talk of Raven being on her way out of a panel gig on “The View,” ABC is denying it. The reports come as Raven is hit with yet another wave of criticism from Black Twitter, this time for turning her nose up at “The Wiz Live!”

“I have such a high bar for ‘The Wiz,’ being that it was Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and Stephanie Mills, that when I went into it, I was like, ‘Let’s go!’ And then … I, you know, I just miss Michael, I miss Diana,” she said.

“It’s a hard act to follow, and that’s what I was looking for,” she said. “Overall, I just want to say that I miss the original people.”

While Raven admits that she approve of the music, several online users swiftly took to Twitter to bash her, with one individual noting: “I hope @ravensymone knows that Diana and Michael werent “the originals” in “The Wiz” it was Stephanie mills and Hinton Battle smh…”