Raven Symone on "The View' - Dec. 4, 2015 (ABC)

Raven Symone on “The View’ – Dec. 4, 2015 (ABC)

*NBC’s ‘The Wiz Live!” was hot topic #1 on “The View’ this morning, and co-host Raven-Symone weighed in with her thoughts, which apparently have not moved past the 1978 film version and 1975 Broadway production.

“I have such a high bar and standard for ‘The Wiz,’ being that it was Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and Stephanie Mills, that when I went into it I was like, ‘Let’s Go!’ And then I…you know…I just, I miss Michael. I miss Diana.”

“I just miss the people that originated those [roles].”

“It’s a hard act to follow,” she eventually conceded, saying of NBC’s production, “I loved the costumes. I thought the singing on certain new songs and old songs were great, but on an overall, I just wanna say I miss the original people.”

Raven-Symone has spoken. She gave viewers her opinion, and Twitter promptly responded with theirs:

Some folks started in on Raven Symone during Thursday’s broadcast, anticipating her reaction.