Adele*Adele’s “25” album dominates the Billboard 200 chart for a second week, earning the singer 1.11 million in sales, which includes traditional album sales and streaming.  In its first two weeks on sale, “25” sold 4.49 million copies, and 30 percent of all albums sold in the U.S. in the last two weeks have been “25” (4.49 million of the 14.8 million total copies sold).

With “Hello” being the biggest hit song in the country right now, it’s no wonder why many musicians want to draw attention to their own careers by covering the track, and while it may not be the ideal song to pump up fans during halftime, the Southern University marching band and the Dancing Dolls have served up a mesmerizing instrumental cover of the track, which veterans of marching band will most certainly enjoy. Check out the clip below.

Southern’s marching band – better known as The Human Jukebox – played “Hello” in an instrumental showdown against Grambling State University in the annual Battle of the Bands, according to USA Today.

During a promotional pit stop at the Today Show in New York for her new album, the singer opened up about her enlightening outlook on life. Speaking to host Matt Lauer, she said: “I don’t think sadness is always devastating. It can be quite uplifting and joyful as well and sometimes, you have to let yourself be sad in order to move forward.”

The mother-of-one added that she’s not worried that the success of her new album will mean less time for her son, Angelo.

“No, my son comes everywhere with me. We’re all good. Like, we’re tight,” she said. “He’s the first person I see in the morning and the last I person that I see at night and vice versa, so we’re all good and I make time for him, like I always have. That’s one of the main reasons that I’ve been away for so long is because I was like, no, my kid is more important, and my kid comes first and my music comes second, and I come second, you know?”