Spike-Lee-Donald-Trump*Donald Trump and his style of politicking are not generating approval from Spike Lee, who compared the real estate mogul turned presidential contender to Adolf Hitler, even though they appear together in the photo above.

Lee voiced his dislike of Trump during an interview with The Daily Beast, saying the GOP presidential frontrunner’s claim that thousands of Muslims cheered on 9/11 as a “bald-faced lie.”

“Here’s the thing: the United States has perfected the science of ‘the boogeyman.’ Native-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, Nazis, Soviets, Chinese, and now it’s the Muslims. They’re the new boogeymen,” the “Chi-Raq filmmaker said.

“And he wants to close down mosques now. That’s like the Nazis. That’s like Hitler, Mussolini, the Axis Powers. You can’t do that!”

As for Trump encouraging of supporters who attacked and beat up a Black Lives Matter protestor at a recent campaign rally, Lee, who had seen the video of the beating offered the following commentary:

“Oh, they beat his a**. And then after he said, ‘He needed to be roughed up!’ Donald might as well just said, ‘F*** his black a** up!’”