*‘Clueless’ Fox News contributor Stacey Dash may be closing out the year on a two-week suspension from delivering her controversial right-wing views, but the actress is also issuing a warning to hackers and trolls who attempt to compromise her social media accounts: she will call the cops on yo ass!

Dash’s Twitter account was reportedly hacked recently, and she immediately took action, as TMZ reports, the actress called law enforcement who confirm the hacks were “vulgar attempts to garner followers,” according to Dash, who shared the same sentiments via Twitter.

“My account was compromised by a man I trusted, posting vulgar attempts to garner followers. My Apologies to all,” she wrote on Tuesday. The hacker was posting pictures to her account and then deleting them.

Dash, who was recently suspended from her Fox gig after saying President Obama could “give a shit” about terrorism, issued a warning for women everywhere.

“Do not be a victim,” she reportedly told TMZ, adding that going to the police is what “any woman should do if she’s being harassed by a man in her life.”

It’s not clear if the cops will actually press charges against this guy, but here’s an instance where many actually agree with Dash that harassing/threatening comments should be punishable by law.

Stacey, who played Dionne in “Clueless,” was a guest on Fox News’ Outnumbered when she said that the president does not “give a shit” about terrorism. While the anchors on the network seem to have a free speech policy when it comes to spewing ignorant, and often time racist rhetoric, profanity is a violation. As such, Dash and another anchor were terminated for their profane objections of Obama.

Dash was unapologetic for her sentiments. “Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly,” she later Tweeted.