prince hitnrun phase2 (cover)

*Well here’s a pleasant surprise from Prince. And yes, the key word is “surprise.”

The surprise (that word again) is that the “Artist” has dropped a follow up to September’s “HITNRUN phase one.”

The Minnesota Man released “HITNRUN phase two” on Saturday via Tidal. The track list features 12 titles including “Baltimore,” written after the death of Freddie Gray.

Prince announced the new project on Twitter:

In addition to offering up his new LPs exclusively to Tidal, Prince has also opened up his massive vaults to produce a Purple Pick of the Week for subscribers, according to Rolling Stone.

“After one meeting, it was obvious that Jay Z and the team he has assembled at Tidal recognize and applaud the effort that real musicians put in2 their craft 2 achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry,” Prince said in a statement after entering into his Tidal partnership. “Secondly, Tidal have honored Us with a non-restrictive arrangement that once again allows Us to continue making art in the fashion We’ve grown accustomed 2 and We’re Extremely grateful 4 their generous support.”

Hit N Run: Phase Two Track List:

1. “Baltimore”
2. “RocknRoll Love Affair”
3. “2 Y. 2 D. ”
4. “Look at Me, Look at U”
5. “Stare”
6. “Xtraloveable”
7. “Groovy Potential”
8. “When She Comes”
9. “Screwdriver”
10. “Black Muse”
11. “Revelation”
12. “Big City”

To check out “HITNRUN phase two,” head on over to Tidal.