tank-tyrese*Tyrese Gibson tried it, and Tank shut him down earlier this week after he took Instagram to issue R&B singers to a challenge – asking them to produce a full R&B album with no Hip Hop features.

Oddly enough, Tank later apologized for reacting publicly to Gibson’s unpopular challenge. Initially reminding him, and fans alike, that artists such as Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton continue to be successful without the help of hip hop guest spot.

Tyrese wrote:

“Here’s my R&B Challenge #TAG the REAL R&B Soul Singers and see if they will “Accept” the challenge……… In their response they just have to write “I accept” #BlackRoseAlbum has 1 ft Snoop…… On my song #DumbShit otherwise you already know what I came with – pure R&B Soul….”

It’s worthy noting that Gibson’s latest album, “Black Rose,” features guest rapper Snopp Dogg, and Tyrese wants fans and critics of his challenge to overlook this little detail.

Tank, who is a member of Tyrese’s R&B super group TGT, and also featured on Gibson’s album, left a comment expressing his disapproval of the challenge:

“no the challenge is shade! None of us have heard of Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, etc!! It’s not a challenge he’s just indirectly flaunting his success!..lol. Which is fine but don’t act like you the only one doing R&B Music!.. lol.”

Shortly after leaving the comments, Tank issued an apology to both Tyrese and Hip Hop fans for reacting publicly to Gibson’s arrogant request:

“I have to issue a public apology to my brother Tyrese! Any issue that I have with any man should be handled with a phone call or a sit down! Not on social media!” Tank wrote on Instagram. “I’ve apologized to him and I apologize to the fans that had to endure this exchange!.. Blessings.”

Tank’s apology has left many fans curious and wondering if someone from Gibson’s camp (or, Gibson himself,) got in his ear, as many have expressed that Gibson’s challenge deserved to be called out.

What do you think?