Rihanna promotes her upcoming album ANTI in a Samsung ad

Rihanna promotes her upcoming album ANTI in a Samsung ad

*Samsung reportedly signed a $25 million deal with Rihanna in October, with the company sponsoring her upcoming album and tour, according to Adweek. Part of that deal involved the conglomerate contributing to a cryptic ad campaign for her upcoming album “ANTI,” part of which we saw Thursday night during NBC’s “The Wiz Live!”

The ads first appeared during the “American Music Awards” last month, along with an interactive online component that included a website and game. The experience allows users to piece together clues as to the release date of RiRi’s new album.

Ad agency 72andSunny worked with RocNation as well as Samsung’s partner agencies, RGA, Edelman, PMK•BNC and theater company Punchdrunk on the campaign that is supposed to be mysterious, cryptic and hard to follow – for now.

“In today’s cluttered world, it’s important to break out and create unique, personal experiences that people are seeking in order to connect directly with consumers,” said Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer of Samsung Electronics America. “We know that one of our consumers’ passion points is music so we decided to join forces with Rihanna because she is an icon of originality and ingenuity and one of the most wildly creative voices in culture today.”

The work, according to a release, is “just the beginning of an unforgettable exclusive journey through Rihanna’s life story” and “will take fans inside the mind of an iconic artist while blurring the lines between the digital and physical world.”

The campaign, which uses the hashtag #ANTIdiaRy, also features an Instagram account called iamthekeyholder that has more than 10,000 followers, while a Twitter account has over 2,000.

Below, view some of the promos that have already been released: