Dana Hager, not a bad mugshot. But it looks like you've been crying, dear.

Dana Hager, not a bad mugshot. But it looks like you’ve been crying, dear.

*The wife of Florida police officer, Kevin Hager, was caught stealing packages from a neighbors house. I would write “allegedly,” but it seems the woman was CAUGHT creepin’ away from the scene…on camera!

Now how on earth do you suppose this one will be explained?

No explanation necessary. It seems theft is nothing new to Dana Hager, 42. According to Black Like Moi the wife of Sgt. Hager of the Haines City Police Department was already on probation for a previous theft from Kohl’s.

I guess she had run out of “special privileges” aka benefits from being related to an employee of the City. I think you get three chances to mess up before all bets are off.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, TheGrio reports that the packages (said to be holiday gifts) Hager stole, was taken from the porch of a couple whose husband IS ALSO A COP.

Dang! There goes the neighborhood!

Dana Hager, creepin' in the night...with someone else's packages.

Dana Hager, creepin’ in the night…with someone else’s packages.

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