tina campbell-teddy-cambell*A recent appearance on Steve Harvey‘s talk show turned emotional as Tina Campbell revealed the moment she found out about her husband Teddy Campbells infidelities.

According to reports, the Mary Mary member, who appeared on the show with Teddy, was tipped off of on what was to come from a close friend who warned her to think twice about making her marriage the primary source of her happiness via putting her career on hold.

“Someone who knows me very well was watching the show, and I was always saying, ‘I could leave all of this. I could just go and be with my husband. I don’t need none of this. It’s just me and Teddy and they can have this,’ Campbell told Harvey during a segment called “Life After Infidelity.” “She was like, ‘Listen, I hate to have to say this to you, but I followed the information that I found out for six months to make sure that it was true because I don’t want to break your heart, but don’t stop doing what you’re doing because you may need to take care of you and your kids.’”

As the segment continued, Campbell shared that she confronted Teddy about the information she got over the phone. Despite this, Teddy stood firm on his stance about the situation. It wasn’t until later that Tina asked Teddy again about the affair as she encouraged him to call the other woman.

With the woman being like a “godmother” to Tina’s children, Tina stated that it broke her heart when news of her husband’s infidelity eventually surfaced.

“She had access to my home, to come get my kids, all of that stuff,” Tina said. “She was in the mix of our family. I called, and she didn’t answer her phone. When we got home on Super Bowl Sunday, I [told Teddy] ‘Come upstairs.’ I said ‘Are you having an affair with her?’ He said ‘No.’ I said ‘Call her,’ and so he did. I said, ‘Are you sleeping with my husband?’ And she hung up the phone, so I had my answer.”

Although Teddy’s cheating put a strain on Tina and Teddy’s relationship, the couple ultimately stayed together and were able to move forward with their marriage. To see, Tina discuss the moment she found out Teddy was cheating on her, check out the video below: