*The San Bernardino, California terrorist attack may have been the last straw towards our need for a new approach on how Americans should behave if we are faced with the threat of an active shooter in the workplace.

As you recall, 14 people lost their lives and 21 others were injured when Syed Rizwan Farook and Tasfeen Malik, a married couple, opened fire at a social services agency while a holiday party took place in early December.

President Barack Obama had already stated, right after the Paris attacks, that Americans would not be forced into being fearful and his words seem to have struck a chord with employers who are beginning to take responsibility for training their employees on how to protect themselves in the event of a terrorist attack.

Instead of the previous years approach that directed people to find a safe place to hide – tactics moving forward, and being embraced by companies ranging from Silicon Valley’s tech firms to Northern Virginia’s credit unions offer a more empowering stance and direct employees to work as teams in an attempt to disrupt and confuse the shooters, thereby opening up a split second opportunity to take them down.

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