woman fighting cop at dmv

*We know what you’re gonna say. If she had been black and had the cop been black …

Well, that’s not the way it happened and the result is still kind unbelievable that a certain crazy ass white woman didn’t get shot by a black cop. Or at least tased.

We’re talking about a an incident in Deerfield Beach, FL where a woman is seen resisting arrest and assaulting a Florida Highway Patrol officer in a video that has spread across the internet.

The as yet unnamed woman reportedly got fed up with her wait at the DMV, and when she started getting aggressive with the clerk, an officer was called in to assist the situation.

The video cuts on right before the woman turns to the officer and tells him, “No, listen to me,” and then she proceeds to try and kick the officer in the groin. The situation escalates from that point, leading to the officer trying to restrain the woman while she tells him “it’s f***ing sad, you can’t even fight.”

At the end of the video the woman pleading with the officer to let her leave as she sobs, “I’m not going to jail because I can’t get a drivers license.”

Check out the entire footage below.