the game (b-ball)

The Game plays in the Equinox “Celebrity Basketball Spectacular” To Benefit Sports Spectacular on May 30, 2015 in West Los Angeles, California.

*We bet he won’t do that again.

On second thought, since we’re talking about Compton rapper The Game, we think we’ll just hush and wait and see. After all, he is The Game, a dude who’s made a reputation by basically saying f&*#k the rules!

What we do know is that gave up a whopping $100k as a settlement to an off-duty policeman for taking a punch from the rapper during a pickup basketball game last year, reports TMZ.

We’ve learned the rapper just lost a lawsuit filed by Onyebuhi Awaji, an off-duty cop he punched during a dispute on a basketball court in Hollywood in March. We dont have to say “allegedly punched” because it was caught on video.

Turns out there was never a trial … Game blew the whole thing off and never responded to the suit so a judge entered a default judgement in the cop’s favor.

And if you’re wondering, here’s how the $100,000 breaks down — $60k for damages the cop actually suffered and another $40k to teach Game a lesson not to do it again.

But with The Game being The Game, we’re not taking any bets that history won’t repeat itself.

Video of Game punching victim/cop: