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*(Hollywood, CA) – The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) hosts the 22nd Annual African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase and Diversity Youth Film Festival January 15-17, 2016.

The event will kick off with BHERC’s A Great Day in Black Hollywood on Friday, January 15, 2016, at the Harmony Gold Theater, 7655 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046. Trailblazer Director, Charles Burnett will receive the Ivan Dixon Award of Achievement for his distinguished career and in recognition of the 25th Anniversary for his award-winning film TO SLEEP WITH ANGER. The program starts promptly at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7:00 p.m.).

The Opening Night will also include Award recipients LaRita Shelby, Entertainer, Author and Media Professional – Community Service Award, Larry Chatman, Production Manager/Production Coordinator for Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment – President’s Award, Ron Brewington, Host and Producer of Actors E Chat, Billy Woodberry, Independent filmmaker, and Julie Dash, Producer/Writer/Director – Lifetime Achievement Award. Filmmakers for the 2016 festival will also be introduced during the opening night ceremony.

The S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase screenings will occur Saturday through Sunday, January 16 & 17, 2016, at Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, California 90038. The Diversity Youth Film Festival kicks off the showcase on Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. with 20 films produced and directed by students from Washington Preparatory High School. Starting at 12:30 p.m. 50 short films including romance, drama & comedy, directed and produced by African-American filmmakers from around the nations will be shown.

On Saturday evening at 8:00 p.m., BHERC will screen the re-digitized version of TO SLEEP WITH ANGER followed by a moderated discussion with Charles Burnett.

Founded in 1996 by Sandra Evers-Manly, the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center is a nonprofit, public benefit organization designed to advocate, educate, research, develop, and preserve the history and future of Blacks in film and television. For complete information about the Festival, please visit or call (310) 284-3170. BHERC invites the community to join us and to support our filmmakers.

Festival Pricing: Opening Night Festivities $50.00
Saturday/Sunday Day Pass $25.00
Saturday/Sunday Block of Films $15.00
Weekend Pass $100.00

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22nd Annual African-American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase


A Great Day In Black Hollywood – Opening Night Award Ceremony
Celebrating 25th Anniversary of Charles Burnett’s To Sleep with Anger

Ivan Dixon Award of Achievement – Charles Burnett (Director)

Lifetime Achievement Award – Ron Brewington (Host and Producer of The Actors Choice)

Lifetime Achievement Award – Billy Woodberry (Independent filmmaker)

Lifetime Achievement Award – Julie Dash (Producer/Writer/Director)          

President’s Award – Larry Chatman (Production Manager/Production Coordinator for Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment)

Community Service Award – LaRita Shelby (Entertainer, Author and Media Professional)

Special Screening of Charles Burnett’s To Sleep With Anger

Presentation of S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase 2016 Filmmakers

Presentation of S.E. Manly 50 Shorts by African American Filmmakers

Presentation of BHERC Diversity Youth Film Festival Filmmakers



January 15-17, 2016


Harmony Gold Theater, 7655 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038


Friday, January 15, 2016 @ 7:30 p.m. – Opening Night Award Ceremony @ Harmony Gold Theater

Saturday, January 16, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m. – Special Screening of Charles Burnett’s To Sleep With Anger @ Harmony Gold Theater

Saturday, January 16, 2016 @ 10 a.m. – BHERC Diversity Youth Film Festival @ Raleigh Studios

Saturday, January 16, 2016 @ 12:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. – S.E. Manly Film Screenings & Q&A @ Raleigh Studios

Sunday, January 17, 2016 @ 12:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. – S.E. Manly Film Screenings, Q&A and BHERC’s Signature Soul Food & Film Reception at 8 p.m. @ Raleigh Studios


$50 – Opening Night Award Ceremony (Harmony Gold Theater)

$15 – Block of Films only (Raleigh Studios)

$25 – All Day Pass

$25 – Closing Night Soul Food & Film Reception (Raleigh Studios)

$20 – Saturday night Special Screening of To Sleep With Anger (Harmony Gold Theater) & Reception

$100 – Weekend Pass (includes Opening Night, All Day Pass for films and Closing Night Reception)





BHERC 310.284.3170

MEDIA 818.749.9695







African-American Film Marketplace & S.E. Manley Short Film Showcase

2016 FILMMAKERS – January 16 & 17, 2016 at Raleigh Studios @ 12:30 pm until 8pm

  1. A CHILD OF GOD (24:00 Min.) by Angelique Marshall (Director) and Floyd Marshall, Jr. (Writer
  2. A LETTER TO MY SON (10 Min.) Maurice Hicks (Director|Writer|Producer) and Dave Norris (Producer)
  3. ALL FOR LOVE: THE DANCE (8:00 Min.) by Michael Harris (Director) and Michael Harris & Mike Estime (Writer|Producer)
  4. AMERICA’S PIT BULL (5:00 Min.)  by Romel Rose (Director|Writer|Producer) and Adrian J. Martin (Director of Photography)
  5. AS WE LAY (10:00 min.) by Hank Byrd (Director|Writer|Producer) and Ko Wryte and Benjamin Cole (Writer)
  6. BEAUTIFUL THORN (15:00 Min.)  by Satie Gossett (Director), Shelah Mincey (Writer), and Laneease Adams (Producer)
  7. BLACK CARD (min.) by Barrett Dennison (Director|Writer|Producer), Luis J. Galvis and April Dobbins (Producers)
  8. BORROWED TIME (24:00 Min.)  by Sam Salvodon (Director|Writer|Producer) Alexis Rajah, Wayne Norman and Will Tousaint (Writers) and Lid Touss (Writer|Producer)
  9. CANDLES (8:00 Min.) by Brittani Nightengale (Director|Writer|Producer)
  10. CUTTER (10:00 Min.) by April Dobbins (Director|Writer|Executive|Producer), Xilong Liu (Director) Xinyue Chen (Producer)
  11. DEE LOVES THE GIRL  (7:00 Min.) by Brian Lee (Director)
  12. DIAGNOSIS (19:00 Min.) Nia T. Hill (Director|Writer|Executive Producer), Shannon Nash, LaDonna Y. Hughley, Donna Hunter, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Tammy McCrary (Executive Producer), Jerome Martin, Shannon Nash, Anthony Maddox Brett Langefels (Producers)
  13. DIARY OF REFLECTION (3:00 Min.) Penda Diakite (Director|Writer|Producer)
  14. END OF THE WORLD (12:00 Min.) by Sonya Dunn (Director|Writer) and Mychal Guyton (Producer)
  15. FOUND DEAD (15:00 Min.) by Emeka Mbadiwe (Director|Writer|Producer)
  16. GOD HATES BASEBALL (6:00 Min.) by Kevin Brooks (Director|Writer)
  17. HIGH YELLOW (21:00 Min.) by Romel Rose (Director|Writer|Producer)
  18. HOLD (7:00 Min.) by Eric Kolelas (Director|Writer|Producer)
  19. HOMELESS (2:00 Min.) by Vladimir Nicolas (Director|Writer)
  20. HOUSE CALL (8:00 Min.) by Hank Byrd (Director|Writer|Producer)
  21. INFERNO (21 Min.) by Alycee H. Walker (Director|Writer|Producer) and Michael Parness (Writer)
  1. LAST CALL (40:00 Min.) by Ja’Ron R. Thompson, Sr. (Director|Producer) and Da Griot (Writer)
  2. LIFT EVERY VOICE (21:00 Min.) by  Dallas Alexis (Director) and Money Gray (Writer|Producer)
  3. LOITS JACKSON (26:00 Min.) by P.R. Hawkins (Director)
  4. LYON’S DEN (20 Min.) by Karlton T. Clay (Director|Writer|Producer)
  1. MARVIN ROAD (19:00 Min.) by Tony “Phruishun” Spires (Director|Writer|Producer), Nate Jackson (Writer|Executive Producer), and Koji Jitosho (Producers)
  2. ME, MY MOM AND DENNIS RODMAN (4:00 Min.) by Jason Gilmore (Director|Writer)
  3. NOT FORGOTTEN (4:00 Min.) by Korey J Isbell (Director)
  4. ONLY ONE FOR YOU  (22:00 Min.) by King Carter (Director|Writer|Producer)
  5. PAIN OF LOVE (38:00 Min.) by Alcee H. Walker (Director|Producer)
  6. PATIENT 4318 (14:00 Min.) by Moses “Mozzie Ssebandeke (Director|Writer|Producer), and Isaac Ssebandeke and Jonell Rowe (Producers)
  7. P.T.S.D. (3:00 Min.) by James Stallworth (Director|Writer)
  8. RAPTORS (16:00 Min.) by Kevin Brooks (Director|Writer) and Jonathan T. Floyd (Producer)
  9. RESET (30:00 Min.) by Arun K. Vir (|Writer|Producer), Lance Dickinson (Producer)
  10. RIGHTEOUS (11:00 Min.)  by Cory Bowles (Director|Writer|Producer), Kevin Kincaid and Jeremy Harty (Producers), and Preston Hudson (Co-Producer_
  11. ROAD TO INFERNO (21:00 Min.)  by Alcee H. Walker (Director|Writer|Producer) and Michael Parness (Writer)
  12. ROOMMATES (12:00 Min.) by Sheryl A. Gauntlett (Director|Writer|Executive Producer), Beau Jadrosich and Samantha Rood (Producers)
  13. SEXLESS AFTER 45 (20:00 Min.) by Joy Shannon (Director|Writer|Producer), and Joy Parris (Producer)
  14. SOME TORCHES DON’T BURN (22:00 Min.) by Chris Reese (Director|Writer|Executive Producer) and Yu Tin Ko (Producer)
  15. THE BOY (9 Min.)by Cayman Grant (Director|Writer|Producer) and James Peoples (Writer|Producer)Cale Finot (Producer)
  16. THE BUS STOP (10:00 Min.) by Kevin Brooks (Director|Writer)
  17. THE DOUBLE DEAL (16:00 Min.) by Doug Rollins (Director|Writer), Mark Holden (Writer|Producer), and Patsy McKay (Co-Producer)
  18. THE LAST JOB (8:00 Min.) by Angela M. Gordon (Director|Producer), Ross Brooks, Nicole Roberts & Adam Thede (Writers) and Lynne Conner & Theida Salazar (Producers)
  19. THE PROPOSAL (40:00 Min.) by William Scales (Director|Writer|Producer) and Daniel Stafford (Producer)
  20. THE ROAD’S END (8:00 Min.) by Benjamin Hunter (Director)
  21. THE SYSTEM (13:00 Min.) by Larry Wright: (Director|Writer|Producer)
  22. TWO-A-DAYS (15:00 Min.) by April Wilson (Director)
  23. UNTOLD (17:00 Min.) by Ben Kaplan (Director) and Letia Solomon (Writer)
  24. WORDS FROM A SILENCE (6:00 Min.)  by Penda Diakite (Director|Writer|Producer)
  25. YAMI BOLO – LOVE KEEPING US TOGETHER (4:00 Min.) by Rolando E. McLean (Writer)
  26. YOUR  LOVE (8:00 Min.) by Liala Petrone (Director), Oliver Webb (Writer), Nina Spensley (Producer), and Bridgette Wright (Co-Producer)














Festival Contact: John Forbes 310-284-3170

Media Contact:  Publicity4you 818-749-9695








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