housewarming gifts

*Owning a home for the first time is an exciting milestone, which is why hosting a housewarming party is typically a prerequisite before a first-time homeowner can fully settle in.

Did you RSVP with a “yes” to your friend’s housewarming party? Celebrate his first home with one of these unique housewarming gifts:

Cooking Hacks

Help your new homeowner take his kitchen game to the next level with cool new culinary tools. From measuring spaghetti to cleaning lettuce, any master chef will wonder how a meal ever got served without these essentials. Here are ideas to inspire your cooking-themed gift:

  • Spaghetti measurer to properly portion your pasta for the right amount of servings
  • Garlic press to easily crush garlic cloves — get it in copper for stylish flair
  • Lemon zester to add a touch of citrus to baked goods, vinaigrettes, bread crumbs, sauces or a seafood pasta dish
  • Plastic salad knife (to prevent browning lettuce) paired with a salad spinner (to efficiently clean lettuce) — salad prep has never been so easy
  • Butter Mill for turning cold, hard butter into soft butter shavings to easily spread on toast

Grilling Tools

If you’re shopping for the ultimate grill master, brand-new grilling tools are the perfect accessories for his backyard barbecue. Upgrade his grilling arsenal with the essentials: extra-long tongs, two-pronged fork, sturdy spatula and skewers. Heavy-quilted mitts, a thermometer, basting and cleaning brushes and a cast iron press also helps any grilling guru cook up mouthwatering masterpieces, from juicy burgers and smoked ribs to rotisserie chicken and sizzling steaks.

Power Tools & Supplies

Whether your homeowner wants to hang frames on the walls or is an expert craftsman, power tools are essential for the handyman of all skill levels. Supply your friend with a variety of instruments for necessary home repairs and DIY weekend projects. For a powerful cutting tool, go for multifunction tool blades or scroll saw blades. An accessory kit ensures standard bits are always available to get the job done. Even a toolbox can serve as a purposeful gift and help organize an assortment of tools by freeing up space in his workstation.

Charging Stations

Ditch the basic bottle of wine, and get creative with your housewarming gift. In this digital era, we’re not the only ones consumed with our gadgets. Our collection of gadgets and respective cords also consume valuable space. For a family, all the smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops clutter countertops and desks, especially while charging. Check out these organizational solutions and charging station ideas:

  • Wall outlets with USB charging ports to eliminate the need for bulky adapters
  • Multi-device, tangle-free charging station and dock to house gadgets of all sizes and hide unsightly cords with a hidden storage compartment
  • Dual-purpose alarm clock docking station for waking up to music while charging the phone overnight


If this housewarming party is only the beginning of many more parties to come, then your host needs a full supply of barware. Bar accessories, such as a cocktail shaker, whiskey rocks, muddler and strainer, take a drink-making host into a bartending mixologist. Trendy copper mugs are excellent for Moscow Mule cocktails. The cold metal insulates the drink’s cold temperature to keep it chilled. For a festive touch, go for colorful confetti or striped margarita glasses. Ones with a bright green or cobalt blue rim also make a vibrant statement during a Mexican fiesta.