glasses malone

*When Rap music reviewers and tastemakers across the country started to receive the new recording by West Coast Platinum recording artist “Glasses Malone” they were literally shocked to hear the lyrics on the new song entitled “Ur Playin Wit Fire,” but at the same time, they were loving every single word they were hearing from the hard-core recording artist from Watts California.

“Glasses Malone” has recorded numerous hits during the past few years with artists such as “Lil Wayne,” “Rick Ross,” “B.O.B.,” and “Kendrick Lamar” just to name a few.

In producing the new song, “Glasses Malone” connected with the West Coast musical icon and multi-platinum artist/producer known as “DJ Battlecat” and “Amplified” to craft the song that is asking young people to consider the consequences of their actions if they choose to gang bang or embrace the street life because if they do they’re “Playin Wit Fire.”


Never before in their musical careers have “DJ Battlecat” and “Glasses Malone” ever worked together and this incredible recording will be part of the Rap compilation project entitled “Inner City Dreams” that will be released worldwide in early March 2016 by “11th Power Entertainment.”

The song “Ur Playin Wit Fire” was not intended to compete with the current crop of songs in rotation across the country at Rap radio. The song was made to get young people to listen to the lyrics and to think before they act.

The “Inner City Dreams” project will help raise funds to pay for the Funeral and Burial costs for the children and young victims of Chicago’s gang violence.

The organization on the South Side of Chicago that will receive the funds that are raised from the sale of the album project is called “Purpose Over Pain.” This organization is comprised of parents in Chicago who have lost children to gang violence, and it is also the organization that is featured in the new “Spike Lee” film entitled “Chiraq.”

Early supporters of the project are Chicago’s number one radio station “WGCI-FM” and their sister station “103.7 FM” as well as the Clear Channel radio chain.

Please click on player below to listen to the new release from “Glasses Malone” Feat. “Lena J” entitled, “Ur Playin Wit Fire” from the upcoming album entitled “Inner City Dreams.”