Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala and Clayanna Warthen

*Golden State Warriors star Andre Iguodala does not want his daughter to play basketball for fear she’ll become a lesbian, according to the child’s mother.

According to TMZ Sports, Clayanna Warthen testified Monday in a child support hearing, Andre didn’t like that his 6-year-old daughter London was playing basketball at school because he was worried she might “turn into a lesbian.”

As previously reported, Warthen is tring to increase Iguodala’s child support payments from $16,000 a month to $58,000 a month. She says her daughter is a genius with a 151 IQ, already reading Harry Potter books. But her father isn’t even paying for her full tuition and has shunned her, not even bothering to call on Christmas.

Warthen says Iguodala saw London for a total of 9 hours in 2015. She says it’s so bad she needs money to cover London’s therapy.

Iguodala’s lawyer fired back, saying Warthen is trying to use his client as a personal ATM, and that she wants the money for a personal chef and for $7,000 floor seats at 76ers games.

Iguodala’s lawyer says Warthen’s requests are “a prescription for spoiled children.”