angie_stone*It’s been almost a year since news surfaced about Angie Stone getting into an altercation with her daughter Diamond and rumors following that mention the singer knocking Diamond’s teeth out.

During an appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show,” Stone put the chatter to rest, saying she did not knock out Diamond’s teeth out. According to the entertainer, they were already “brittle and decaying.”

“No I did not knock out my daughter’s teeth,” Stone told host Steve Harvey. “I think that, in her defense, the tooth had probably fell out because one had fallen out a week prior to that tooth coming out. And when you have an altercation as such, you can bite down on your lip, and if a tooth is already brittle and decaying, it’s coming out.

“If she bit down on a rotten, brittle tooth,” the vocalist continued. “You know when you fighting, you like (bites down on her lip.) You doing something with your mouth.”

Although she stated that she physically didn’t do anything Diamond’s teeth, Stone admitted that she did tell her daughter, “I’ma knock your teeth out.”

As the interview progressed, Stone mentioned that while she isn’t proud of getting into a fight with Diamond, she would not take anything from anyone trying to start something in her residence.

“We were definitely in an altercation and it’s not that I’m proud of it but you not going to fight me in my house,” Stone said. “You’re not going to fight me period. I am your mother and that’s how that go. And there comes a time when you’re fighting another adult, you’ve got to defend yourself.”

Stone’s appearance on Harvey’s show comes after she sat down with T.D. Jakes to discuss her situation with Diamond. During that chat, Stone stated that she and her daughter are doing much better these days.