kizzy adonis

NYPD Sergeant Kizzy Adonis

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It took them awhile, but a year and a half after the death of Eric Garner, the NYPD is actually taking steps to deal an officer involved in his killing. The problem is they’re NOT holding the one who choked him to death, accountable.

On Friday, the department announced Sergeant Kizzy Adonis had been placed on modified duty while she faces four counts of “failure to supervise” during the tragic encounter, according to the NY Daily News.

Adonis, a 14-year NYPD veteran, was one of the supervising officers at the scene of Garner’s death during his arrest 18 months ago for selling illegal loose cigarettes.

Adonis told investigators “the perpetrator’s condition did not seem serious and that he did not appear to get worse,” according to an internal report by the NYPD.

But Adonis also said that she “believed she heard the perpetrator state that he was having difficulty breathing.”

Meanwhile, Garner’s widow doesn’t seem to be impressed with this move by the police department. She said the long-delayed discipline by the NYPD was meaningless to her.

“When I get an indictment or a prosecution, then I’ll be happy,” Esaw Garner told The News. Garner was unaware of the modified assignment ruling until contacted by The News.

And naturally, Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said the charge against Adonis was bogus.

“It’s a bullsh*t political charge, and Commissioner Bratton is pandering,” said Mullins. “That’s exactly what that is … Although he is the commissioner, I believe he has overstepped his bounds in this case.”

And what about Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who applied the fatal and infamous choke-hold? He remains on modified duty but has yet to face any departmental charges.

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