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Starmel Allah

*New York, NY — In January 2016, community activist Starmel Allah will be releasing the sequel to his book “The Righteous Way: Golden Jubilee Edition Part 2.”

The concept commemorates the 50-year anniversary of the teachings of the 5% Nation, The Nation of Gods And Earths. Using a universal approach, Starmel Allah addresses the historical, economic, cultural and political issues that have wounded the black and latino community.

“The Righteous Way: Golden Jubilee Edition Part 2” will resonate with individuals who have knowledge of self, despite if they are from the Nation of Islam, Moorish Science Temple, Pan-African Nation, Nation of Gods and Earths, Nuwaubian Nation, Christianity or the conscious community.

Through the power of higher intelligence, Starmel has witnessed self-defeating habits in his people such as fear, low self-esteem, and depression. The Righteous Way series is Starmel Allah’s method of motivating his peers to come together for nation harmony. The personal transformation of an individual involves a thorough understanding of all things. Starmel touches base on the female perspective of the Nation of Gods and Earths, by featuring essays by active Earths, who break down subjects such as childcare, homeschooling, and relationships. He also elaborates on the paramount concerns of the black and latino community such as the Justice or Else movement, police brutality, COINTELPRO and many more. Hip-Hop’s role in national change is also expressed, as Starmel Allah conducts an enlightening interview with Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian.

Edited by Sunez Allah, “The Righteous Way: Golden Jubilee Edition Part 2” includes a pictorial with over 300 black and white and full-color photos that showcase the growth and development of the Nation of Gods and Earths. This includes rare photos of Allah (The Father) and Justice. Part 1 of Starmel Allah’s book series, The Righteous Way, has been sold in 41 states and 6 countries. Individuals can purchase The Righteous Way and pre-order the sequel, “The Righteous Way: Golden Jubilee Edition Part 2” over at To receive a discount upon purchase, individuals can enter the promo code PEACE at checkout.

About Starmel Allah: Reigning from Queens, New York, Starmel Allah is an active member of the Nation of Gods and Earths and has had knowledge of self for 20 years. Starmel is a dedicated community activist, peer mentor and public speaker, with a steady focus on societal empowerment and universal consciousness. He presently attends Queensborough Community College where he is studying law to become an attorney, and also stands as the President of Student Government. While serving time as a full-time law student, Starmel is a diligent writer and motivational speaker, who notably has an effective and positive influence on the youth.

“The Righteous Way addresses so many issues relevant to those interested in the Nation of Gods and Earths. From politics to prisons, Starmel deftly explains and illuminates dozens of topics and terms in a way that is entirely his own. I’m honored to have been involved in helping get this righteous brother’s work out to the masses.” — Supreme Understanding, Author of How To Hustle and Win, The Science of Self & Black God


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