will smith & dr bennet omalu

*The real-life doctor who Will Smith portrayed in the film “Concussion” thanked the actor for telling his story and bringing his findings to life.

Dr. Bennet Omalu presented Smith with Variety’s Creative Impact Award during brunch on Sunday at the Palms Springs International Film Festival.

“He stole my soul from me,” he said. “I came away from the film thinking Will Smith was me.”

Smith, who calls himself as a football dad, said when he first read the script he was apprehensive about taking on the role.

“When I got that screenplay, I was concerned,” he stated. But he added because “Omalu just wanted to tell the truth” he felt the need to become a part of the project in order to “deliver the truth.”

“Concussion” tells the story of the Nigerian doctor who identified a medical connection between NFL players and the brain trauma disease, CTE.

laverne cox

We guess it should come as no surprise that transgender actress Laverne Cox is down with Will’s son, Jaden Smithwearing a skirt in a new women’s wear ad campaign for Louis Vuitton.

The Transgender actress shared an Instagram of smith rocking a leather Louis Vuitton skirt, accompanied by the caption:

“@christiaingrey is giving me full life in this new @louisvuitton women’s ad campaign. #Genderfluidity #TransIsBeautiful #nonbinary #highfashion.”