D.L.-Hughley*Bill Cosby may be embroiled in legal drama over sexual assault allegations from various women, but he still maintains a base of support from those still stand by him.

Except for D.L. Hughley.

In an interview with HipHollywood during NBC’s Press Tour, Hughley weighed in on Cosby and the rape allegations while stating his belief that the embattled funnyman is guilty.

“I think he did it,” said Hughley who currently stars on the NBC show “Heartbeat.” “You can be both a tremendously talented person, and flawed. I think that when you look at Lucifer when he was in heaven, he was God’s most beautiful angel and his minister of music, so if you could f*ck up in hell, I’m sure you can f*ck up in Harlem.”

Contributing to the discussion was Hughley’s “Heartbeat” co-star Jamie Kennedy, who also shared his thoughts on Cosby.

“I can’t even say that I grew up loving Bill Cosby right now, and I love his comedy,” Kennedy said. “I find myself curtailing myself, and it’s horrific.”

“Cliff Huxtable didn’t do it, Bill Cosby did it,” added Hughley, who pointed out how the love many people have for “The Cosby Show” has caused them to still not believe the sexual assault allegations. “I happen to believe what I believe based on some experiences. I also believe, and the sad thing about it to me is, because someone made you laugh, you don’t believe anything some else said about them.”

To see Hughley’s interview, check out the vide below: