dexter manley (screenshot)

*As soon as we heard the words coming out of his mouth about “black quarterbacks” like running the football “because they’re probably used to running from the law,” we knew the same doofus who made the comment, would backtracking and apologizing real soon.

The doofus we’re talking about is former NFL player Dexter Manley. He who found himself in the doghouse when he made that pronouncement last weekend on a local Washington, DC sports show.

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“I made a comment about this black quarterback stuff,” Manley stated. “I do apologize and, you know, I say some things I don’t think about sometimes.”

But it’s not the first time Manley put his foot in his mouth. He’s been associated with controversial actions and statements for years. In his broadcasting career, he’s spewed both homophobic and sexist remarks, while his tenure in the NFL was marked by repetitive drug use.

Here’s Dexter’s apology:

Here’s Dexter’s original comment: