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Dwayne Mooney is Spicy Face of Polyamory on Bravo’s Newly Weds: First Year of Marriage. Triad: Dwayne Mooney with girlfriend Melissa(left) and wife Billie (right)

*Dwayne Mooney, author of “Sacred Man: A Man’s Guide to Openly Loving, Healing and Managing Multiple Women,” is the hot topic on Bravo’s “Newlyweds: the First Year; Season 3”  When his son’s new wife Ericka Scoffs at him for showing with two women; his wife and his girlfriend things get even more interesting.

Newlyweds Adonis and Erica Gladney have tied the knot but just days before the wedding Adonis reveals to Erica that she was right; all of those times when she thought he was cheating. Adonis admits he slept with 14 prostitutes in Brazil during a vacation with his dad.

After some shaking up, the pair moves forward with the wedding. But when Adonis’s dad shows up with Billie, his wife and Melissa his girlfriend things go awry. To calm Erica the wedding coordinator attempts to re-seat Dwayne Mooney, away from the party table.

Erica is uncomfortable with her father in law.  She thinks the Mooney twin may turn his son polyamorous. Plus, when all eyes are on Dwayne Mooney and his women she’s afraid his presence takes the focus from her wedding and highlights polyamory.

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He slept with 14 prostitutes in Brazil; so what. At least he got it out of the way?!

Dwayne Mooney is best known for his role in ‘The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh’  with his twin brother Daryl Mooney. The comedian/social critics perform nation wide and are Hollywood locals.

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