Michelle Dobyne*Finding a new place to live after your apartment complex catches fire is enough to bring anyone down, but Michelle Dobyne has turned a devastating negative into a uplifting viral moment.

BET cites an interview the Tulsa, OK woman gave to KOTV News on 6 in which she detailed how she heard about the fire and managed to escape with her family.

“We ain’t gon’ be in no fire, not todayyyy.” Dobyne told reporters.

Needless to say, her account of the situation will leave you with something to smile about. To see Dobyne’s interview, check out the video below:

Best Interview EVEREveryone, meet Michelle Dobyne, who is my new favorite person in the entire world. She and her family have to find a place to live for the next few days after an apartment fire hit their complex, but she still found humor in the situation and she is SO FUNNY. Charlie Hannema News On 6 and I can’t stop laughing at her interview with News On 6 Photojournalist Ethan Pierce. Thanks Michelle, you are an awesome woman!

Posted by Annie Chang News on 6 on Sunday, January 10, 2016