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The former lead singers of the original 70’s group ‘Chic’, Alfa, Luci and Norma Jean have signed with Pacific Electronic Music (PEM).

*The former lead singers of the original 70’s group ‘Chic’ created by Niles Rodgers and Bernard Edwards…Alfa, Luci and Norma Jean have signed with worldwide music company, Pacific Electronic Music (PEM).

Chic brings with them the unique sound that contributed to such hits as ‘Le Freak,’ ‘Good Times,’ ‘Everybody Dance,’ just to name a few of the many multi-platinum records.

Following their tenure with Chic; Alfa, Luci, and Norma collectively worked with an array of music icons including Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Bryan Adams, Melba Moore, and Bryan Ferry. Alfa toured with Luther Vandross for many years and founded Voices of Shalom while Luci and Norma formed a duo and brought disco hits to new generations of listeners.

They have extended their writing abilities to other artists and will now have the opportunity to collaborate those skills with The Aristofreeks as well.

Aristofreeks DJ/Producer, Max Martire, states:

“Working with Next Step is an incredible experience.  Their voices are still as strong as ever, their sound… simply timeless.  You also very easily recognize their legendary and unique ‘unison staccato’ way of singing. This has been their signature sound, responsible for many hit records.  They are finally back and they are the ‘next step’ into what music should be!  PEM is honored to have them signed to the label.”

Parallel to each vocalist’s many creative pursuits, it was their vocal sound that helped contribute to Chic’s contributions to popular music and recognized by some of the music industry’s most prestigious organizations, including nominations for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and “Good Times” on Rolling Stone magazine’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.

With this new collaboration with Aristofreeks, Alfa, Luci, and Norma Jean are ready to deliver their classy, high-energy, roof-raising songs to audiences all around the world.

Indeed, the good times are just beginning, so look out for them as they prepare to take their “Next Step”.

 About PEM

The company has offices in both Beverly Hills and Ibiza, and is focusing on releases in electronic dance music with global appeal. Founded by Ibiza based electronic producer/DJ Max Martire of the Aristofreeks and veteran record executive Jerry Greenberg and Ibiza based electronic producer/DJ Max Martire of the Aristofreeks, Pacific Electronic Music’s (PEM) first signing was Kathy Sledge, the legendary voice of Sister Sledge.

They also signed Next Step, the original lead vocalists on massive hits “Le Freak” and “Good Times”, another of Nile Rogers’ long list of success stories with Chic.  Together with the Aristofreeks, they continue to bridge the Ibiza electronic music scene, reinvented by Aristofreeks with a new and unique concept and approach, with some of the most important music industry personalities in history. For more information, visit our website:




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