Missing flight attendant

*Delta Flight Attendant Siera Shields was scheduled to fly on Thursday, but according to Pix 11, she  never made her flight.

The Queens-based woman who roommates (along with her supervisor) say “something was off” about during the last week she was seen, has not been seen since and her family, friends and colleagues are so justifiably consumed with worry and fear about her mysterious disappearance that they have joined the police in asking for the public’s help.

Shields, 30, was last seen on Thursday. She had reportedly just spoken with her supervisor; quit her job and left LaGuardia Airport, according to Pix 11.

Her phone and wallet were located at her apartment, which makes the disappearance even more frightening.

Her family, who describes their beloved as “previous, bubbly and happy,” have even started a  Find Sierra Shields page. And one post on the page reads,

“All of us who know her, love her very much! If anyone has any information, please contact the number in the picture or this page. Please share and pray for her and her family! Thank you.”

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