conan o'brien-kevin-hart-ice-cube*A Conan O’Brien staff member got some hilarious guidance for getting her driver’s license from the comedian, who brought along two well-known passengers for the ride.

Complex cites an 11-minute video uploaded to YouTube that captures O’Brien taking the staffer, Diana Cheng, out for a spin to learn the rules of the road. As they cruise the streets, they pick up “Ride Along 2” stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart who instruct Cheng on the art of driving with passengers

Highlights from the clip include the shouting of “You’re my b***h!” at fellow drivers, and purchasing a piñata and filling it with marijuana at a local dispensary, not to mention getting pulled over by a police officer for an illegal maneuver and Ice Cube revealing the seatbelt policy of rap legend Tupac Shakur.

“Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know and he always wore his seatbelt,” Cube said.

To see more of the stoopid funny driving video, check out the media below:

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