*Were you one of the million trillion people out there who stood in line to buy tickets in hopes of winning the Powerball lottery last night? Hey, I was so sure my time had finally come I even went car shopping to celebrate the occasion.

But alas, for the third try in a row, NOBODY, I mean NOBODY, had the winning numbers. When no one won last Wednesday (and I hadn’t even thought of buying a ticket), it made for a bigger pot on Friday. Still, it didn’t even cross my mind to purchase a ticket until I started hearing people boasting about how their name was on that money.

Then here comes Saturday, and I’m out and about when the voice in my head says, “No. It’s not their name on the money Boo, its YOUR name!”

There was no clearer sign needed. Off I ran to Jon’s in Glendale, where I knew my Armenian friends would be a mile deep, standing in line for money their voices claim their name was on too.

We all got played. NOBODY won, dammit.

But maybe the folks in the stories below will give you another perspective on money. I mean, in a ‘misery loves company’ kind of way. If nothing else, their stories might soften the blow on the whole winning thing. You see, they DID win…and then they lost it all. 

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