shera grant-and-shanta owens*Looking at Shanta Owens and Shera Grant, it’s not hard to tell they share similar qualities on the outside. After all, they are twin sisters.

But the siblings’ similarities don’t stop at first sight. Thanks to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, Grant joined her sister as a district court judge for the state of Alabama on Friday (Jan. 8), the day she was appointed to the position . Owens has served as a district court judge in the state’s 10th judicial circuit circuit since being elected to the position in 2008.

“I’m just overwhelmed, overjoyed. … I think this is a wonderful opportunity to serve the citizens of this county,” Grant, who’ll be handling civil cases, told regarding her new job.

Grant’s new job is the latest thing she shares with her sister. The Birmingham natives both attended Alabama State University as well as received their law degrees from Louisiana State University. In addition, Grant and Owens have six-year-old daughters and three-year-old sons, in addition to the fact that both of their husbands are childhood best friends.

“I’m really elated … I’m excited for her,” a proud Owens told AL. com while expressing how excited she is for her sister. “We’re grateful to God and grateful to the Governor.”