bill and camille cosby

*She may stand behind her husband in the public eye, but behind the scenes, but is  Camille Cosby upset with her embattled husband Bill Cosby over the humiliation he’s put her through regarding his current troubles?

Supposedly that is the case.

Citing family insiders, Page Six reveals that Camille, who was not with her husband when he appeared last week in a Pennsylvania courtroom to be charged with aggravated indecent assault, has vowed to no longer be Bill’s crutch.

“My husband doesn’t deserve jail, but he does deserve every bit of the hell he’s going through now even though he is still pretending that this hell doesn’t exist,” the anguished Camille confided, according to a close family source told the New York Post.

The source goes on to say that although Camille was very familiar with Bill Cosby’s infidelities over the years, she insisted that he be discreet and not shame her.

“But, she has been thoroughly humiliated and believe me, her anger isn’t directed at the women,” the source, who has been close to the Cosby family for more than two decades, said. “Bill has humiliated her, and the affairs he’s had have gotten out of hand and this [criminal charge] is him reaping what he’s sown.”

Camille’s current attitude toward Cosby is different from when she scoffed at accusations of the comedian drugging and raping various women when they first surfaced. The Post notes that Camille, acting as wife and Cosby’s business manager, instructed her husband’s high-powered attorneys to “get back out in front of this” at the time.

Once the number of victims totaled more than 50, another family source mentioned that Camille “was sickened.”

“She’s been fighting giving a deposition, but that’s not because she wants to keep protecting Bill, it’s because it’s so humiliating,” the family source shared with the Post.

“She’s still married to Bill because of all of the court stuff and now the criminal stuff,” the source said. “She knows that you can’t force a wife to testify against her husband and she doesn’t want any part of this at all.”

According to reports, several of Cosby’s accusers have sought to depose her regarding the allegations.