stevie-j-joseline-hernandez*Jealousy is truly a mother. (And so is crazy.)

Stevie J was reminded of this fact when he found more than $65,000 worth of his belongings severely destroyed by his estranged wife Joseline Hernandez.

Chatting with TMZ, Stevie J revealed that he found his home in shambles after returning home Monday (Jan. 11) from a session in the studio with singer Faith Evans.

Apparently Hernandez became jealous over how much time the music producer was spending in the studio with Evans. As a result, Stevie J noticed bleach poured all over his bed and belongings.

That wasn’t the only damage Hernandez had done. Several other items of Stevie J caught the wrath of Hernandez as they were either cut up or smashed.

Items ruined and destroyed include a vintage $10,000 Bad Boy jacket Stevie J received as a gift from Puff Daddy, $40,000 worth of clothes, $15,000 worth of Versace china, at least 20 pairs of shoes and several gifts Stevie J’s kids gave him for Christmas.

To see the damage Hernandez did to Stevie J’s belongings, check out the video below: