O'Shea Jackson Jr.

*We don’t know if Ice Cube can do anything about this, but his namesake son has caught the attention of the Kardashians.

Uh oh. Run dude. Run!

On a recent episode of Khloé Kardashian‘s new talk show “Kocktails With Khloé,” she admitted she has the hots for rising star O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Check out the clip below and you’ll see where a “swipe left, swipe right” game is being played. Cube’s son’s face popped up on the screen and Khloé admitted to her guests Aisha Tyler and Kym Whitley that she would swipe right for O’Shea. “I would bang him,” she said matter of factly.

Well, it appears that she’s not the only one who would give him some. Khloe’s sister Kendall observed that their Mom, Kris Jenner, would also probably give it up to the younger Jackson.

“Mom would bang everyone on this list,” Kendall announced.

Hmm, we bet she would.